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MAMRT Awards

Life Members are Members who have rendered service to the MAMRT and who have served in an exemplary manner as a radiation technologist. Full Practicing Members may apply to become a Life Member. Status as a Life Member is determined by the MAMRT Board of Directors and announced at the AGM

Current Life members are:

Desmond Butler RT
Paul J. Strelioff RT
Richard Walton RTR
Elvera Kirk RN, RTT, ACT
Richard Wharf RTR, ACR
Rita Eyer RTR, ACR
Peter Kubrakovich RTR, ACR, CMS
Stan Macario RTR

The Colin Maxwell Memorial Award was instituted in 1988. Mr. Maxwell was an educator and very active in both the MAMRT and CAMRT. The award is presented to an individual who best exemplifies Mr. Maxwell's educational and professional characteristics.

Recipients to date are:

1988 David Brownlee RTR
1989 Elvera Kirk ACT
1990 Tricia Hoare RTNM
1991 Richard Wharf ACR
1993 Rita Eyer ACT
1995 Chris Zeller ACT
1996 Gina De Vos RTNM
1997 Kristine Benedictson ACR
1998 Peter Kubrakovich ACR, CMS
1999 Margaret Stewart RTR, ACT
2000 Iris Williamson ACR, RDMS
2001 Lynn Couch ACR
2002 Helena Twerdun RTR
2008 Judi Lidstone, RTR, ACR, CAE
2009 Debbie Wrublowsky RTR
2010 Charlen Ferrier RTR
2011 Jerri Hlady RTR, ACR
2012 Monique Clarke RTR ACR
2013 Sandra Seidel RTR, RTMR, ACR
2014 Lorraine Gendre RTR
2015 Jill Sutherland RT

The Claude Bodle Memorial Lecture Award was instituted in 1991 to commemorate Mr. Claude Bodle, one of the founding members of our Association. He helped to organize the CSRT, later to become the CAMRT. He had the honour of being the only CSRT member to be president of both the Canadian and American Societies.

Recipients to date are:

1992 Richard Wharf ACR
1993 Elvera Kirk ACT
1995 Richard Walton RTR
1996 Rita Eyer ACR
1997 Sheila Boutcher RTNM
1998 Peter Kubrakovich ACR, CMS
2000 Chris Zeller ACT
2001 Cora MacKay RT, L.MB
2002 Gina De Vos RTNM
2003 Leona Nichol RTR
2004 Margaret Stewart RTR, ACT
2005 Stan Macario RTR
2008 Katherine Suderman RTT, ACT, CAE, CHCM
2010 Corrine LeBlanc RTR, RTMR
2012 Brenda Badiuk RTNM, MAL (H)
2013 Keith Sutherland RTT, CTIC, ACT, CMD
2014 Stephanie Koval RTNM, CTIC (N)
2015 No Recipient

The Bill Doern Service Award was instituted at our 50th anniversary to honour Mr. Doern who was a founding member of the MSRT (now the MAMRT). He was an honoured member at the local and national level in technical and administrative leadership. This award recognizes the recipient's excellence in the field of radiation technology as well as contributions to the community at large.

Recipients to date are:

1980 Des Butler RTR
1981 Colin Maxwell ACR
1982 Cornelius Petkau RTR
1983 Beverly Glenday RTT
1984 Wilfred Allison RTR
1985 Fred J. Elcheshen RTR
1986 Richard Wharf ACR
1987 George Dyck RTNM
1988 Rita Eyer ACR
1989 Jeffrey Dovyak RTNM
1991 Sheila Boutcher RTNM
1993 Shirley Gagnon RTR
1995 Cora MacKay RT, L.MB
1996 Peter Kubrakovich ACR
1997 Donna Davies RTR
1998 Stan Macario RTR
1999 Jean Elcheshen ACR
2002 Ken Olchowy RTR
2008 Margaret Stewart RTR, RTT, ACT
2009 Debra Bridle RTR
2010 Carolyn Berard RTR
2011 Tamara Greenlay RTR
2012 Carmen Hepp RTR
2013 Christine Preachuk RTR
2014 Joyce Sorenson RTR,CTIC
2015 No Recipient

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