Membership FAQ

  1. What do I need to do to practice as a Medical Radiation Technologist in Manitoba?

Medical Radiation Technologists must be registered with the MAMRT in order to practice within their designated discipline in Manitoba. Registration requirements include the following:

  • Satisfactory completion of an approved program of study;
  • Satisfactory results in the CAMRT certification exam.
If you wrote your CAMRT exam in Manitoba and were successful, please contact the MAMRT office at . There is a non-refundable application fee that must accompany your application. You may complete an application online by clicking here . The MAMRT will review your application and upon approval, provide you an online invoice for annual membership dues. Upon payment of your membership invoice, you will be added to the MAMRT roster of Practicing MRTs and a membership card and tax receipt will be issued to you. This process will take approximately 2  weeks to complete.

If you wrote outside of Manitoba, you must contact the MAMRT office to let them know of your plans to work in Manitoba. There is a non-refundable application fee that must accompany your application
  1. Can I begin working as a Medical Radiation Technologist as soon as I complete my training program?

Perhaps - it depends on the discipline and the employer. The rate of pay is less than for a certified technologist, also varying with the discipline.

  1. I've successfully completed the CAMRT examination. Now what?

If you have written your exam in Manitoba, please contact the MAMRT office. You will be assessed a fee dependent on when you plan to start working.

If you have written outside of Manitoba, you should contact the MAMRT at . MAMRT will then email you a fee assessment.

Upon receipt of your fee, MAMRT will provide you a CAMRT registration card, and a receipt. Your CAMRT card provides for membership in both the CAMRT and MAMRT and will provide you with professional liability insurance coverage. Your registration expires December 31st of each year and must be renewed.  This process will take about 2 weeks to complete.

  1. I'm moving from another province to Manitoba. What do I do?

Contact your current Provincial Association office and ask them to transfer your file to Manitoba. Advise them of your new Manitoba address and telephone number. You may apply online for registration in Manitoba by clicking here , please note a transfer fee will apply. Once the MAMRT receives your file, you will be contacted via email. You will then be required to pay MAMRT dues. This process can take about 3 weeks.

  1. I'm an MRT Student. Can I be an MAMRT member?
If you are a student training in Manitoba, you may apply to be a member of the MAMRT by clicking here and completing the online application. In Manitoba there is no fee for student membership and the non-refundable application fee is waived for registered student members applying for full MRT membership in their graduation year. We encourage all students to become members of the Association in order to receive information that is current and relevant to their chosen profession.
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